Transnational Meetings

Transnational Meeting No. 1:
27/28 November 2017 – Kick-off Meeting at JKG Weil der Stadt, Germany


  • Introductory meeting and welcome at JKG – Getting to know each other
  • Presentation of the project/discussion/exchange of ideas on the project
  • Financial situation / partner contracts with specification of tasks
  • Visit of Weil der Stadt
  • Reception at the Town Hall of Weil der Stadt, Meeting with the Mayor of Weil der Stadt, Mr. Thilo Schreiber/ Presentation of the Erasmus+ plaque
  • Social Dinner
  • Dissemination plan
  • Visit of JKG 3D-printer/JKG Robotics area
  • Farewell

Transnational Meeting No. 2:
January 2020 – at EDUMOTIVA, Athens, Greece


  • Welcome
  • overwiew of the current status of the project
  • pending tasks related to IOs and further steps
  • preparation of the Multiplier Event
  • IO3s
  • social dinner
  • preparation of C4
  • overwiew and dissemination activities
  • Financial and administrative issues
  • any other business and farewell