Training activities will support school partners’ staff  to implement project  activities with their students. We will have four joint staff  training  courses which are carried out during four important stages of the project

1) First Training: Introduction to 3D printing – April 2018, Create It Real, Denmark

The first Treaining course was held in Denmark and was organized by Create it REAL, co-responsbile e-nable France. Content of the training lessons:

  • Introduction to 3d printing;
    • 3D printing at school;
    • The materials:
      • a) materials analysis and their use
      • b) reusing plastics to prevent pollution and to promote a circular economy;
    • The 3D printer: How does it work;
    • The softwares;
    • How to use 3d printer.
  • Modelling and slicing (I)
  • Modelling and slicing (Advanced)
  • Refining the objects.
  • How to introduce 3d printing to school: Geometry, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Drawing, Arts, English
  • Example of Situated Learning Scenario.

2) Second Training: Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) – November 2018, Scuola di Robotica, Italy

The course was organised in 3 different parts:

  • presentation of the 10 Situated Learning Scenarios
  • Experimentatio of all Scenarios and Cases Studies
  • Evaluation to change the Scenarios according needs of participants

3) Third Training: Introduction to Online Editors – July 2019, Universitatea din Targoviste, Romania

Official title of the course: “Online Editor to program interactive scenarios”

  • analysis of online editors present on the market:
  • Scratch 2.0, Fifht Ingenium Software, Hiris, Alice, Snap! Scratch for Arduino
  • presentation of 10 Situated Learning Scenarios (SLS)
  • Hands-on actvity about SLS

4) Fourth and final Course  – planned for Summer 2020, Johannes-Kepler-Gymnasium, Germany

This was the intention of the course: The 4th training course will be held in Germany and it will be aimed at sharing all the Learning Scenarios and experience of this project with multiple layers and fields involved. We can merge all the skills developed in the previuos courses. We want to link different editor software to electronic devices and 3D printed objects, eg prosthesis.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, the course could not take place.