O3 How to Design and Use an Intelligent Object for Interactional Aims

This IO3 will include the sum of the two previous IO’s, and of all the previous activities (A1, A2).

This Manual will be used in the related training courses and it will be expanded from the educational methodology and activities by the teachers and students. With IO3 participants will be asked to “put together” the 3D printed objects (and related competences): the editor  software, electronics, open source simplified prototiping platform, and  sensors) to be integrated into the IoT tools.

IOT IN EDUCATION Manual: How to Design and Use an Intelligent Object for Interaction Aims

Introduction to interactive things
Connection the open source simplified platform to sensors: Accelerometers, gyro, light sensors
Output’s: LED,
Use and functioning of wifi connection
Use and functioning of the sensors
Let assemble all together: 3D printing chassis, open source simplified platform, and sensors.
The related Situated Learning Scenarios.

We will  start to work on that from the end of 2019.