O2 Educational IoT Manual – Online editor

1) DOWNLOAD the Manual on Online Editor (Scratch 3, Makecode and an overview on the compatible hardware)

2) Learning Scenarios

Germany: how to…
… build a smart farm with arduino:

… build a biofeedback apparatus with arduino:

Biofeedback ProcessingApp

Romania: how to…
… build a gas leakage monitoring and control system:
Smart home – Gas leakage monitoring and control system  – Learning scenario
Smart home – Gas leakage monitoring and control system – Presentation

… build a model of a house that has some of the functions of a smart house
A smart house model – Learning scenario
A smart house model – Presentation
Greece: how to…
… make a fire management and detection system for the forests

… detect the amount of remaining water in an improvised watering system
Italy: How to…
… become a Superhero
… program a smart T-Shirt
… program a e-nable hand

…build a smart bottle
Smart bottle – Learning scenario

Denmark: how to…
…use LED and IoT objects
Communicate with IoT objects

… use coding geometry
TinkerCAD coding

Here some video to resume the course on IO2: