The people of the project

People of the project

Dr Katrin Kolmer-Kurtz

Katrin Kolmer-Kurtz is originally a teacher for foreign languages (French, English, Spanisch) and has been dealing with modern teaching methods and multimedia for several years. She is especially interested in teaching with digital media and has published different lesson plans. Together with two other persons, she is responsible for the NAO club who became third in the German NAO Challenge in 2016. She has been Erasmus+ coordinator for 2 years and has taken part in two projects, one robotics oriented in Slowakia, one on job-shadowing in Great Britain.

Thomas Jörg

Mr Jörg has been teaching robotics for 7 years. During that time, he has been collaborating with the Technical University of Pforzheim and helped set up a course for “Wearables-Computing”.
Thomas taught at the Hector Seminar and took part in different competitions with his highly talented pupils. He is also specialized in 3D printing. Before his career as a teacher, he worked 10 years for Mackevision. His main field was 3D-contenter producing, 3D-animation and Arduino. He also taught Maya and used Ultimaker 2 with his pupils. He also produced 3D prints for the medical department of the Tubingen University. Furthermore, he produced 3D animations for Daimler-Benz, BMW, Boehringer-Ingelheim and VW.

Anders Bod Lund

Design psychology and UX expert, Expert in creation of 3D printing pedagogical content for children, experienced in workshop design and animation for 3D printing introduction and co-creation events for schools. Volunteer in “coding pirate” a Danish software programming club for children.

Jeremie Pierre Gay

CEO. Experienced engineering, project leader, 3D printing and IP expert High Technology Entrepreneur specialized in new technology development and R&D engineering projects. International by nature. Expert of multinational projects and the management of multicultural teams. Strong manager skills: His education and work experience made him technically strong, but he also has great skills and understanding of project cost, deadlines, team management and third parties relationships. His expertise is also to adapt very quickly and efficiently direct efforts to bring a project to success.
Specialties: 3D printers expert (3D printing patents, Technical state of the art: Electronic, Robotic, Precision mechanic, plastics properties, embedded systems like Micro .net, 3D graphics programming)
Engineering Project Leader
User Interface for Mobile Phones (Usability expert)
Software designer Engineer

Dr. Dimitris Alimisis

is the Scientific Leader of EDUMOTIVA, former Professor of Educational Technology at the Education Department of the Higher School of Pedagogical & Technological Education (Patras, GR), adjunct professor at the Hellenic Open University in the field of Science Education. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Athens, and PhD in Science Education from Dept. of Philosophy – Pedagogy – Psychology, Univ. of Athens. His research interests include educational technology, teacher training, and adult learning, with a focus on the use of ICT as tools for Constructivist and Constructionist learning. His teaching experience includes, among others, educational technology courses for teachers, Science Education in the Greek Open University, Didactics with new technologies in post-graduate courses at the Univ. of Athens, “Training of Trainers” in the field of adult education (Greek Open University), STEM Education master course (University of Patras). His research and educational works have been published in international scientific conference proceedings, books and journals.

M.Sc. Rene Alimisi

is active in Edumotiva as a project manager. She is PRINCE2 (Project Management in Controlled Environments) certified and she is currently undertaking project management tasks in EduMotiva in the context of the projects CONSTRUIT! (2014-17), ROBOESL (2015-17), MAKEITREAL (2016-18) and more. Apart from her experience in project management, Rene has a rich engineering background and thorough knowledge of the field of Information Communication Technology in Education with more than 6 years of experience within the area of EU funded Projects. She has collaborated with well-known Greek research centers (CERTH, IRETETH) and higher education departments (University of Thessaly) in the context of EU funded projects in the past. Rene is also a certified ICT trainer for Adults from the National Organisation for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP); since 2010 she works closely with adults of all ages and various cultural and professional backgrounds in numerous Greek public centers for Lifelong learning and private companies. She has also carried out research studies in primary and secondary schools in Greece and UK aiming at exploring how ICT interventions can support students in developing computational thinking skills in a creative and playful way. Rene holds a degree in Computer Engineering (from the Univ. of Thessaly, GR) and a MA in ICT in Education (from the Institute of Education, UCL, London). She has been also trained in 3D modelling, rendering and printing through courses offered by the International University of Thessaloniki (Greece).

Emanuele Micheli

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, University of Genoa, Italy, in 2004 with a thesis on the modular worm robot. In his first research activity he worked on rescue robotics. He has worked as designer for Telerobot, where he folllowed a humanoid project. In 2005 he was responsible for the organization of the Robot@School Network founded by the Italian Ministry for Education. Project Manager of the Regional Center of “Roberta goes EU” a European project. In recent years he has organized a considerable amount of teacher training courses and since 2009 he has been collaborating with the University of Genoa (Industrial Design) on a project on Design and robotics. He researches robotics for people with special needs and follow many theses such as: Roboable, a interactive device for autistic children or people with cognitive difficulties; the design of iCub, a thesis about the study of a cover for a humanoid; the Godi Project is on the creation of a device for creating and designing living spaces, Robot-Era is the last thesis on design of a humanoid robot dedicated to assistance for the elderly. Since 2010 he is researching the use of educational robotics with autistic children and in hospital. From 2012 to 2013 he followed a research project about Cloud Robotics and the creation of robot-human interfaces. He organizes and coordinates educational projects on underwater robotics from high school level to university.

Davide Canepa

High School diploma in Electronics (2008). Since 2008, he collaborates with the School of Robotics as program developer and educational robotics expert. Certified LabVIEW, LabVIEW for robots (2010). Design and programming of off line robotics arm cells. Competent in using programs such as Kuka Sim Viewer, Kuka Sim Layout, Kuka Sim Tech, Kuka Sim Pro, KUKA.OfficeLite. Expert in using Inventor Full Version for 3D printing. App designer and developer for marine robots, drones, mobile robots. App designer and developer for iOS. Advanced use of Arduino breadbord and its application for robotics, domotics, App’s. Italian Ambassador Responsible for NAO Challenge Italia 2015. Responsible of the project “App The Island”, where he designed the App to be used in Italian Marine Protected Areas (funded by MedPan European Society). Designer and developer of BYOR robotics kit and BYOR App.

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Ana Maria SUDUC

She is working in Department of Automatic Control, Informatics and Electrical Engineering and obtained the PhD title in 2011 with the thesis entitled “Advanced Interfaces for Decision Support Systems”. Her research interests are: collaborative platforms, decision support systems, human computer interaction, ICT in education. She actively participated, as member or local coordinator, in national and European projects (FP7, LLP and Erasmus+). Most of these projects were about integrating the use of modern technologies in education, to foster the development of social, civic, intercultural competences. She was the local coordinator of the project Sustain – Sustaining Development in Early School Education (518321-LLP-2011-TR-Comenius-CMP).

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Mihai BÎZOI

He is a member of the Department of Automatic Control, Informatics and Electrical Engineering, and he was/is involved in different ICT projects (research and educational) at national and international level and also in teacher training programmes (related to the use of ICT in education and sustainable development); his current research interests includes: communication-driven decision support systems, group decision support systems, web collaborative technologies, e-learning platforms, multi-linguistic cooperative environments. He actively participated in European projects that claimed the use of modern technologies in education, being a key-person on designing the specification and suitable software applications, but also on sustaining the teachers’ continuous professional development programmes.

Prof. PhD. Gabriel GORGHIU

He is member of the Teacher Training Department and has great experience in working on the European programmes as he was involved since 1995 in different projects on Tempus, World Bank, Socrates, LLP and FP7 frameworks; his area of interest is oriented on: data processing, educational technologies: e-learning, interaction and virtual communication, web-based learning platforms, using ICT for educational purposes, teacher training, RRI issues; he was the general coordinator of the European Socrates Comenius 2.1 Project: “VccSSe – Virtual Community Collaborating Space for Science Education” and local coordinator of the FP7 projects PROFILES and IRRESISTIBLE.

Assoc. Prof. PhD. Laura Monica GORGHIU

She is member of the Sciences and Advanced Technology Department, being also the Vice-Rector of the University, with a great experience in the field of project management, educational management, ICT and European projects; she was the general coordinator of the European Socrates Comenius 2.1 Project: “FISTE – A Future Way for In-Service Teacher Training Across Europe”, and local coordinator of the FP7 ENGAGE project; she has great experience in creating and organizing specific frames for developing on-line courses dedicated to in-service teachers and specific training modules for introducing ICT in education.

Thierry Oquidam

CEO of Delta IT, a French IT consulting firm, founder and president of e-Nable France. He has more than 25 years in high-tech business and founded e-nable France in 2015 in order to structure and develop this strong volunteer association started in 2011 in USA. He has developed a deep knowledge about 3D printing technologies, 3D design software and project planning. He has also started some years ago to collaborate with school teachers and students to disseminate the importance of learning about and using 3D printing in educational activities and in schools, and in general ICT technologies.

Ghislain Gauthier

is CEO of 3DPM a Marketing & Sales consulting company specialized in the 3D printing industry as well as co-founder of e-Nable France in 2015. He worked for the last 7 years for the 3D printing industry and spent 15 years in the 2D printing industry as a global marketing manager.