Online Pilot Courses in Italy

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the Italian partners of the project started an online pilot course about all the output of the project.

Scuola di Robotica offer to Italian schools the possibilities to follow IoT in Education – We are the Makers online lessons and open a Google Classroom for students to share their homework. The pilot is 6 lesson course on some leaning scenarios developed in the project: 3d Bridges, Magic Wand and 3d Enable Hand.


Here you can find the link to all  lessons:

I 3d Bridges: Click to see

II Magic Wand : Click to see

III Lesson Enable Hand: Click to see


At the moment the pilot was adopted by the following Italian schools: 

IC Cornigliano, Genova

IANAS Tortolì

IIS Ettore Majorana – Avezzano (AQ)

IISS GAlilei – Nardò

Ic Torri – Torri cap.


IC Santa Margherita Ligure


ICC3 Casale Monferrato

Ist D Alcontres Barcellona prov .Messina’Alcontres di Barcellona Messina

IIS ITG E ITI Vibo Valentia

Ist D Alcontres Barcellona Messina

IC Ugo Foscolo Ostiano

IC Dante Alighieri-Casale Monferrato

WeMakers and primary education!

On 20th of November 2019, 9 primary teachers from Romania were invited by RO WeMakers team and participated to a workshop entitled “IoT in education”. The enthusiastic group of teachers learned about the project activities and how to use MakeCode for Micro:bit to program BBC Micro:bit chip. They also learned about the possibility to use 3D modelling software and 3D printers to print plastic parts which may be used with different programable boards, sensors and motors in order to obtain useful smart objects which may easy our day to day life. The workshop was included in the program of the 3rd LUMEN EDU International Scientific Conference, November 20th -21st, 2019, Targoviste, Romania (

A similar workshop was organized but with physics and informatics teachers on 28th of November 2019. This workshop was included in the program of the 18th National Conference of New and Renewable Energy Sources, 28-29 November 2019, Targoviste (

C3 in Romania: “Online Editors to program interactive scenarios”

Between 8th and 12thof July 2019, teachers and the project team met in Romania for the third international training course (C3) entitled: “Online Editors to program interactive scenarios”. The participants learned how to use different online editors such us: Scratch, MakeCode, Snap, S4A, Snap4Arduino, Mosaic and Alice and how to program physical programable devices such as: Arduino Uno like boards, Raspberry Pi and Micro:bit.

Digital champions of Tudor Vladimirescu School carry on WeMakers results

With the project team support, the digital champions of Tudor Vladimirescu School, Targoviste (20 students of 5th to 7th grade), guided 23 European teachers in their first steps on 3D modeling and printing (27th of March).

The activity is an indirect result of the participation of 6 teachers from Tudor Vladimirescu School to our workshop, “First steps on 3D modelling and printing”, organized on 19.02.2019.

“Introduction in 3D printing”: a workshop-bridge between two Erasmus+ projects

On 19th of February 2019, the Romanian team of our project organized a workshop entitled “Introduction in 3D printing”, for the participants from Romania and other 5 European countries (Belgium, Spain, Wales, Italy and Greece) of another Erasmus + project, entitled “STEAM JAM” (cod 018-1-BE02-KA229-046854_4).

The guests worked for the first time with a 3D modeling software to model custom objects and learned different aspects related to 3D printing when they print their objects. The guests were informed about the existence of educational resources on the project website: the first manual, Educational 3D Printing Manual, and the learning scenarios developed, which integrates 3D printing in school subjects.

First implementation of a learning scenario WeMakers in Romania

On 20th of December, at Valahia University of Targoviste, it has been done the first implementation in Romania of a learning scenario elaborated in the frame of the project. The activity was done with 15 students of 6th grade from Tudor Valdimirescu School. The students learned the first steps in 3d modelling and printing by creating and printing a name tag.

First step of the Intellectual Output 2: videos from the course in Genoa

Our team  organised a training Course in Genoa on free editor and open source platforms to build learning scenarios on wearable device.

This a video of the first day of the course were our team started to use the Scratch 3 (beta version) with different platform, we started with Lego Wedo 2.0 to learn how to use Scratch and during the last 2 days we introduced Arduino.

The Arduino part is resumed in this video:

Lumen Conference Workshop: 3D Printing Technology – a New Mean for Improving the Education Experience

In the frame of the LUMEN EDU International Scientific Conference Education, Quality & Sustainable Development, held on Targoviste, November 21st – 22nd, 2018, the Romanian project team organized an workshop entitled 3D Printing Technology – a New Mean for Improving the Education Experience. The participants, 11 Physics teachers learned how to create and print their first 3d objects.