O1: Uddanelsesmæssig 3D printningsmanual

Educational 3D Printing Manual

Learning scenarios

Samling af Enable Hand:
Assembling e-Nable Hand

 Denmark: How to…
Getting Started – Presentation

… start med 3D printning – Navneskilt:
Introduction to CAD modelling in tinkercad: Making a name tag

…Byg en 3D printet bro:
Bridge Building

… En parametrisk vase:
Parametric Vase

… en stress bold:
Stress Ball

 Germany: How to…
… introduce CAD/CAM/CGI at school:
Introduction of CAD, CAM and CGI

Supporting materials:
CAD, CAM, CGI – Presentation

… explain chemistry of PLA: 

Chemistry of PLA  – Learning scenario

… construct historical astronomical instruments:
Construct and print astronomical instruments – Learning scenario

…introduce students to the work of E-Nable France in English lessons:
Giving the world a helping hand – Learning scenario

… 3D print easy objects and simulate a shop in foreign language classes

Souvenir shop – Learning scenario

Supporting materials:
Souvenir shop – Presentation

 Greece: How to
… make a 3D printed chainmail:
Chainmail structures in 3D printing – Learning scenario

…do rack and pinion 3D-printing:

Rack and pinion – Learning Scenario

 Italy: How to…
… do 3D art with japanese theater:
3D art and sculpture – Learning scenario

Supporting materials:
3D art presentation

… plastics recycling with 3D printing:

3D ocean – Learning scenario

How to understand allotropic forms of carbon
Allotropic forms of carbon – Learning scenario