Online Pilot Courses in Italy

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the Italian partners of the project started an online pilot course about all the output of the project.

Scuola di Robotica offer to Italian schools the possibilities to follow IoT in Education – We are the Makers online lessons and open a Google Classroom for students to share their homework. The pilot is 6 lesson course on some leaning scenarios developed in the project: 3d Bridges, Magic Wand and 3d Enable Hand.


Here you can find the link to all  lessons:

I 3d Bridges: Click to see

II Magic Wand : Click to see

III Lesson Enable Hand: Click to see


At the moment the pilot was adopted by the following Italian schools: 

IC Cornigliano, Genova

IANAS Tortolì

IIS Ettore Majorana – Avezzano (AQ)

IISS GAlilei – Nardò

Ic Torri – Torri cap.


IC Santa Margherita Ligure


ICC3 Casale Monferrato

Ist D Alcontres Barcellona prov .Messina’Alcontres di Barcellona Messina

IIS ITG E ITI Vibo Valentia

Ist D Alcontres Barcellona Messina

IC Ugo Foscolo Ostiano

IC Dante Alighieri-Casale Monferrato

First step of the Intellectual Output 2: videos from the course in Genoa

Our team  organised a training Course in Genoa on free editor and open source platforms to build learning scenarios on wearable device.

This a video of the first day of the course were our team started to use the Scratch 3 (beta version) with different platform, we started with Lego Wedo 2.0 to learn how to use Scratch and during the last 2 days we introduced Arduino.

The Arduino part is resumed in this video:

12-15th October, Rome: Our project @ Maker Faire The European Edition

After less than the first year of the project we can present at European Maker Faire the firs Guidelines and Learning Scenarios for teachers!

The teacher workshop it will be organized by Scuola di Robotica, the italian partner of the project with the collaboration of Edumotiva.

The European Maker Faire is the mot important appointment for all makers all over the Europe and we are very proud to present the first intellectual otuput in this occasion. In this workshop will be present a social and educational use of the technology speaking about our project and the Italian Project Touch focused on 3d printed object for unpair vision people.

News from the first training course in Denmark

All partners follow the training course organized by Create It Real on 3d printing and educational activities. Create it Real share the first step of educational activities on 3d printing and thank you Enable -France the 4th day was focused on 3d printed prosthesis. All partner share some information about they educational idea of 3d printing and start to prepare new learning scenarios.